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Recently, the Spanish ministry of defence declassified another lot of UFO files. The files contain testimonies from all parts of Spain. The Spanish MOD declassified a total of 80 files amounting to 1,900 pages of reports. The reports span from 1962 (San Javier, Murcia) to 1995 (Moron, Sevilla). Spanish UFO expers believe that these 80 declassified files are just a small proportion of UFO files held by the Spanish MOD.

The process of declassification started in 1991. At that time the MOD decided to analyse the files and make some files available to the public. Since 1992 the files were made available in hard copy only at the  headquarters of the Spanish air force. These files have been digitized and for the first time have been made available online through the virtual library of the Spanish ministry of defence. The identify of the witnesses however has not been disclosed for obvious reasons.

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