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UFO researchers claim to have solved the perplexing mystery of the cause of mysterious rumbling and booming noises reported by residents in northern areas of Washington State and Vancouver Island since 2009. The rumbling and booming noises that residents compared to the sound of “sustained thunder” and “God bowling” in the skies, spread anxiety and fear among residents of areas of Washington State and Vancouver Island, as reported by Times Colonist writer Jack Knox.

But UFO conspiracy theorists claim that the rumbling, growling and booming noises were caused by a series of U.S. Navy tests of “massive” craft engines reverse-engineered from alien propulsion technology under a multi-billion dollar Pentagon black project.

The alleged UFO engines, based on a revolutionary technology developed through reverse-engineering of alien propulsion systems recovered from multiple UFO crash sites, including Roswell in New Mexico, have been undergoing tests since 2009 at the U.S. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, near Oak Harbor in Island County, Washington, according to conspiracy theorists.

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