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For centuries the Inuit have depended upon naturally strong water currents in special places called polynyas to be like their refrigerators always full of seals, whales and other sea mammals for year round food supply. The reason is that the polynya water's strong current never freezes, even when the land around the polynya is iced over. For the Inuit in Igloolik, one of those always-full polynyas has been 75 miles northwest of their village in the Fury and Hecla Strait.

That Strait is a narrow channel of water in the Canadian Territory of Nunavut west of Greenland, which is the most recent, largest and least populated territory in Canada. Around June 2016, fishermen from Igloolik heard through their sonar a very odd, humming, PINGING sound. Fishermen also say they have felt the pinging sound come through the hulls of their wooden boats. But no one knows the source, except the mysterious sound seems to be coming from the seafloor below. At the same time, the local Inuit reported that the Fury and Hecla Strait polynya was empty of sea mammals when it should have been full. That meant something was upsetting the animals and scaring them away from the polynya.

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