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The Great Lakes between the United States and Canada have been one of the UFO hotspots in North American history of unidentified flying objects. One of the most famous cases on record was the disappearance of a jet and its pilot and radar operator over Lake Superior on November 23, 1953. That evening, one of Kinross AFB's radar controllers had an "unidentified target" over Lake Superior. An F-89C Scorpion jet was scrambled from Kinross AFB to check the unidentified out. Radar controllers kept watching as the F-89 and its two-man crew of pilot Felix Moncla and radar operator Robert Wilson, flew closer to the UFO. Then, to their amazement, the UFO blip and the F-89 blip on the radar screen merged. That jet and its crew were never found.

Over the decades since, there have been dozens of UFO reports from all the Great Lakes. But perhaps Lake Ontario near Toronto, Canada, has become most associated with persistent aerial unknowns. Now on Monday, November 14, 2016, comes another high strangeness aerial event over Lake Ontario.

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