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A number of UFO enthusiasts were thrilled as another sighting was reported on Nov. 23 at 3:15 p.m. An unidentified flying object was spotted hovering over Texas as captured by a now trending video footage.

The footage, which was uploaded online, stirred UFO rumors -- making it circulate online like wildfire. According to the man who captured the video, the object appeared to change shape over a period of almost 4 minutes. Apart from that, he said that he noticed the reflection of light in the sky as the object was stationary at first, but it suddenly changed in shape.

According to Morning News USA, in a very short span of time, the flying object started moving. The mutual UFO network (MUFON) has started looking for an explanation for the apparent sighting. While some are convinced that flying spaceships do exist, most sightings are deemed man-made objects such as satellites, weather balloons or military planes.

Mail Online reports that UFO sightings in Houston, Texas, are low compared to the rest of the country. These are especially in the southeastern parts of the state where the U.S. military conducts several test flights.

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