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Christo Roppolo was eight years old when he was contacted by aliens for the first time.

He was at home with his younger brother when a creature that looked like Bullwinkle emerged from a glowing ambulance and pressed itself against the window of his bedroom. When he regained consciousness, his parents were in the room arguing with one another and his younger brother had smeared soiled diapers all over the living room window, as if in attempt to keep something out.

“[The alien] told me it was going to give me a little bite on the nose, but when I woke up everything would be okay,” Roppolo told Motherboard. “For a long time after that, I didn’t even want to go to sleep, but as a kid I didn’t place too much significance on what had happened. As I got older, I started to realize that it wasn’t just a dream.”

Today, Roppolo is 57 years old and resides in Monterey, California, an idyllic coastal city about 6 hours north of Los Angeles. Although thousands of miles and five decades separate Roppolo from his childhood home in the suburbs of Cleveland, the extraterrestrial encounters never stopped. But instead of freaking out that the aliens were trying to contact him, Roppolo did what any filmmaker would do—he grabbed his video camera and started shooting his encounters.

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