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A document titled Project Pulsar claims to have unearthed some dangerous information on aliens, UFOs, and other secret government programs.

The document stated that the content that was made public is believed to be the personal notes of a scientist, who was contracted by the US government over the years.

The scientist was asked to visit crash sites, interrogate aliens life forms that were captured, and analyze the data.

The creators of the document have not named the scientist, but claim that the expert had made notes during his encounters with extraterrestrial life forms and UFO crash sites. The document also claimed that the scientist was later discovered to have maintained personal notes and was scheduled for termination. However, before that could happen, he fled the country.

The notes made by the scientist details different alien races, their biology, and the language used for interaction. The document uploaded by Auricmedia also throws light on nine different languages used by aliens: Nordic, Pleiadian, Vegan, Syrius, K’Thai, Orion, Antarian, Grey Universal, and Universal Communication symbols.

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