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Calling Tom DeLonge! Before you get too far along with your fundraising campaign in the U.S., you may want to take a quick trip to Brazil to see what’s going on near Sao Paulo where news is slowly leaking out about an alleged UFO landing in early October that seems to have been covered up by the Brazilian media until now.

Santos e Regiao is blaring the headline “Residents report alleged landing of ‘flying saucer’ on the coast of SP” and reporting that residents of Peruíbe, a coastal city west of Santos and southwest of Sao Paulo, allegedly saw a bright light around dawn on October 7 and found vegetation smashed to the ground as if a large craft had landed on it. The impression – measuring 13 by 2 meters (42.6 by 3.6 feet) – was not an elaborate geometric design like a crop circle (or in this case, rectangle) but was nonetheless cordoned off immediately by local officials to “avoid agglomerations that would hamper the work of the researchers.”

DeLong should go back to his day job. Another clown muddying the already murky waters of Ufology. But that's how they roll. And I know how they roll. To read more, click here.