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We were parked in the parking lot of the community center at Piotrowski Park at about 10:30 p.m. We had just both gotten off work at 10:00 p.m. and decided to meet up at the park and spend some time together before going home. We were in my boyfriend’s car talking and listening to music when it felt like something hit his car from behind. There was no one else in the parking lot except his car and mine but it felt like a car had hit him. My boyfriend stopped what he was doing and was going to step out to see what hit his car when something large dropped onto the hood of his car. We looked, and both screamed at the same time as we saw a pair of bright orange eyes peering back at us through the windshield. The thing that landed was solid black and was about the size of a man and had what looked like wings that were spread out wide. It looked right at us and then appeared to swipe the windshield with his hand, the fingers were long, much longer than a normal person and ended in what looked like claws.

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