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An artist who claims to have fathered hundreds of half-human babies with an ALIEN who took his virginity at the age of 17 has shared some very explicit images of his 'close encounters'.

David Huggins has painted a series of X-rated images showing him fornicating with an extraterrestrial named Crescent - experiences which led to dozens of hybrid children being born as a result, he claims.

But she is not the only extraterrestrial seductress to have lavished attention on him, he further claims.

The now 74-year-old, from New York, has spoken about his experiences in a new documentary, named Love and Saucers .

Huggins states that he has been having sex with Crescent since he was a teenager and his extraordinary artworks show the liaisons in graphic detail.

Must have been a good lay. Better than a robot, I guess. To read more, click here.