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hunters claimed Mars photos taken by NASA were altered to conceal evidence of a “massive eruption” or explosion.

The shocking claim was made after conspiracy theorists compared two sets of images snapped by the US space agency and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The ESA’s photos appear to show a smoke-like streak running across the Red Planet near a long-extinct Martian volcano.

NASA photos taken on the same day however do not show the same atmospheric feature, leading to online accusations of foul play.

Conspiracy theorists behind the popular YouTube channel Secureteam10 claimed the “smoke plume” is evidence of a potential “cover-up happening here”.

In a video titled Something MAJOR Happened On Mars… Are They Hiding It?, conspiracist Tyler Glockner suggested the smoke could have also come from a detonation.

He said: “What is strange here is that there are two sets of images.

“One by the European Space Agency, which clearly show what appears to be a plume coming out of this volcano.

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