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My previous article was on the subjects of (A) how the UFO phenomenon might be a threat to our physical and mental health; and (B) why the Men in  Black might not be bad guys, after all. Rather, they just might actually be good guys trying to warn us of the hazards that the same phenomenon might pose. I thought I would follow-up that article with a two-part one which graphically demonstrates the dangers that UFO entities and their powers might pose. We have to go way back to November 25, 1991. On that date, Ray Boeche – a priest and a former State-Director with MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) – had a very strange meeting at Lincoln, Nebraska’s Cornhusker Hotel. It was a meeting with a couple of guys who were working on a highly classified program within the U.S. Department of Defense. Now, with that said, I’ll hand the story over to Ray himself, who I extensively interviewed for my Final Events book. Ray told me:

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