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Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' has recently uploaded a video that shows a seemingly triangular UFO hovering across the night skies of Russia. In the video, the triangle UFO was seen flying very near to a gigantic cloud, and it emanated lights from its three edges.

Interestingly, the object spotted in the Russian skies literally resembled the TR-3B, the alleged secret military vehicle developed by the US Air Force during the time of the Gulf War. Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this black triangle UFO was developed by the United States using alien technology in Area 51, the notorious US Air Force base.

The video uploaded by Mavi777 soon became viral on online spaces, and conspiracy theorists were quick to speculate what it could be. Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that this strange object in the skies could be either an alien spaceship or a secretive military vehicle like TR-3B.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that these triangular spaceships could be anti-gravity military vessels used by world powers to spy on other countries. These people also claim that alleged secretive military vessels like TR-3B are using anti-gravity technology for propulsion. Conspiracy theorists also assure that governments all around the world are well aware of these spy crafts, but are intentionally covering up the existence because of lack of concrete evidence.

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