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King Kong finally got his own Broadway musical. Is it time for the Peruvian three-fingered, possibly alien, maybe pregnant mummies to get theirs? Better yet, is time for them to finally be accepted by the scientific community for what they really are … whatever that might be? On November 19, the people who have been studying them since their discovery, The Alien Project, gave a nearly five-hour televised presentation on their latest findings and analyses at the Congress Hall of the Republic of Peru in Lima with at least one Peruvian MP present. The results are in, the lights are dimming, the curtain is rising, the band is reaching a crescendo …

“The black-legged mummies of Nazca are authentic. The demonstration by the results of the DNA analyzes, the scanners, the x-rays, the tomography. According to DNA analysis, scans and X-rays, the experts are confronted with the facts, the incredible “Little Grays” and Maria belong to two new species totally unknown until today. It is clear that we are facing an unexpected discovery and of interest to all humanity! Back in detail about Josefina “the centerpiece”, Victoria, Alberto, and Maria’s anatomy.”

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