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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sigmund Freud said that, but he left out a key corollary statement: sometimes that cigar is a UFO. The “cigar shaped” UFO is one of the most iconic and widely reported varieties of unidentified aerial phenomena. It’s been a staple of UFO lore since the beginning. While Freud would probably have some less than polite theories explaining why people keep seeing giant cigars in the sky, in reality it’s not the best description for these UFOs. They’re oblong and uniformly colored, but that’s about it. A cigar shaped UFO  should, at the very least, have a fiery engine or exhaust port on the back. But no, they’re just long ovals.

A recent sighting of a cigar shaped UFO in Texas demonstrates this. According to the Houston Chronicle, a witness, who chose to remain anonymous, took a video of a space stogie in the skies above Keller, Texas, near Fort Worth, on November 15. The video shows a solid white, oblong object against what looks like the evening sky. It doesn’t move at all, and although the video is only a minute long, the witness wrote in a report to the website Texas UFOs that the incident lasted for much longer:

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