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The 1947 Roswell incident is widely regarded as one of the biggest UFO events ever when it was claimed a number of “flying discs” crashed into a ranch in New Mexico.  Numerous conspiracy theorists went on to suggest the US government were involved in an alien cover-up. However, the official story from the military revealed it was actually a nuclear surveillance weather balloon from a mission named Project Mogul.

Despite the claims, the media, along with many ufologists continue to push the possibility that US officials could be involved in a cover-up. 

Richard Doty, a retired Special Agent who worked for the US Air Force of Special Investigations gave a frank interview during Netflix’s Unacknowledged series, where he not only confirmed the conspiracy but went on to describe exactly what they found inside.

“The craft was egg-shaped,” he admitted on the 2017 documentary.

“It was not saucer-shaped and the interior did not have any levers, but there were also creatures found.

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