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The hunters were on an expedition in search of the mythical creature Bigfoot, when they came across what they claim to be a “supernatural object” in the woods between them.

“We have a distinct picture, but we’re not sure if it is on the alien side or the Bigfoot side,” remarks one of the hunters.

The hunters begin by looking at a picture taken just 10 seconds before the incident, in which two hunters can be seen standing in the middle of a muddy forest road.

But, shifting to the next picture, a large beam of light can be seen shooting between them.

Another strange outline – which they describe as a “vortex” – can be seen just inches away from the men.

“You can see it just as clear as day – a beam of light coming up,” remarks one of the men as they watch on in horror.

The group go on to identify what they believe to be “eyes” poking out from the unexplained beam of light.

The strange incident was filmed in a forest in north California, US.

Fascinating, but not "chilling."  To read more, click here.