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The International Space Station (ISS) has been in our atmosphere for nearly 20 years.

And during that time, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a series of strange objects lurking above our skies.

But conveniently-timed live feed cuts have left conspiracy theorists wondering whether NASA is actually hiding something.

Here are some of the most bizarre ISS live feed sightings from over the past year:

At the beginning of 2018, space enthusiasts spotted a bright golden light hovering over the Earth as the ISS orbited overhead.

The mysterious object – which some estimated to be “hundreds of miles long” – only remained on screen for a few seconds before the live feed cut unexpectedly.

Speaking of his discovery online, YouTube conspiracy theorist Streetcap1 said: “I thought I was seeing things at first then quickly started recording – to my surprise they cut the transmission.

“This has to be huge whatever it is – if it were a building it would be hundreds of miles long."

Many suspected the golden light was “alien related”.

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