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Some scientists argued that Bigfoot is nothing more than man in gorilla costume, or a mislabeled bear, while others insisted that Sasquatch is an undiscovered ape species driven to the brink of extension by humans. Once again, I leave this up to you, the audience, as to whether you wish to believe this, or not. I am not saying about the authenticity of this video, one way, or the other.

All I am asking, is that you watch the video in it’s entirety and afterwards, make up your own mind about it. I will state the obvious about the featured image of the video, yes…it’s obviously a shot of a female gorilla and an infant. What did impress me, was alot of the shots of these creatures, were almost perfect in clarity. I do not believe that an entire tribe of native people would go through all of the trouble, just to make a hoax and pull a fast-one on anyone.

Some amazing video here. To read more and view the video, click here.