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A month ago in my November 29th Coast to Coast, I focused on documents from a 71-year-old Florida retiree named Jon Harold Lavine. On October 30th, he had posted a blog entitled “I’ve Decided To Come Clean” — “During the period 1969 to 2008, I worked with NASA, CIA, NSA and NRO. My work with them involved both Apollo and Space Shuttle flights.”

In the blog, Lavine claimed he had been a secret astronaut on Apollo 17, the last official NASA mission, but was also on two more secret moon launches after that — Apollo 18 and 20. Lavine said they were military reconnaissance missions kept highly classified by the CIA and NASA so the public and media would not know about an alien presence on the moon that our government had been concerned about since the 1950s onward.

Linda Moulton Howe is coming clean on the ridiculous Jon Harold Lavine secret Appollo astronaut story she told on Coast to Coast last month. I'm surprised she didn't do more fact checking before she went on the show. I knew the tale was complete bullshit within two minutes. This is just sloppy research. But this kind of fabrication and sloppiness is endemic within the Ufology community. That's one of the reasons why I quit MUFON.  To read more, click here.