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As Chris Nolan’s “Interstellar” slowly moves out of the theatres, it seems to have divided science-aware SF Fandom, space advocates and the viewing public alike along strong opposite lines.

Dimensions are complicated. Wrapping your head around how many there are can give you a headache. Trace explains everything you should know about them.
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Are the time-dilated planet, the wormhole parked near Saturn and the journey into a supermassive black hole accurate, albeit dramatized, ideas or at best semi-scientific fantasies? Does the reference to love being 5-dimensional diminish the movie’s credibility with “New Age” platitudes, or is it a clever way for the writer of humanizing the idea of our Universe being a 4-dimensional “brane” in a much vaster 5-dimensional “bulk”? Also, do the NASA ships work, or are they just aesthetic toys?

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