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What else is new: Earnest people who are aware of the difficulties very poor families face in many regions of the world wish for safe, cheap drinking water for everyone on the planet. The difference is that there is something new in a team who think that their Desolenator can actually deliver water for those in need.

"Today we estimate that there are over a billion people on the planet who don't have constant access to clean safe water. That's a billion too many." (Desolenator in a nutshell harnesses the power of the sun to convert seawater into drinking water.) The system purifies water from any source, including salt water. This is a solar-powered water desalination system. Desolenator will desalinate water at a lower cost per liter, they said, than any system at this scale available on the market today. But what about other drinking water and desalination technologies on the market? The Desolenator team said that existing solutions are not viable. CEO of Desolenator, William Janssen, said that "A massive 97 percent of the world's water is salt water and our plan is to tap into this valuable and available resource to disrupt the global water crisis in an unprecedented way. The process is called desalination and today whilst 0.7 percent of the world's water comes from desalination, existing technology is expensive, inefficient and disproportionally drains 0.5 percent of the world's global energy supply."

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