Invisibility is one of the most desirable of super powers. Think of what you could do if no one else could see you. The only limit of what you could accomplish would be determined by your own sense of morality and ethics.

You could solve your financial worries or sneak into the Super Bowl undetected if you so desired. But not all applications have negative implications—like I said, it is all dependent on your morality and ethical code. If you wanted to help people, imagine the law enforcement applications. You could go deep, deep undercover and record or prevent crimes in progress. You could apply it to the military and use it to infiltrate and spy on the enemy, or even assassinate enemy leaders. Imagine the possibilities.

But invisibility is just a pipe dream, isn’t it? How ridiculous an idea is it that you could, Harry Potter style, throw on an invisibility cloak and move about unnoticed?

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