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Technology might make you feel certain things: Checking Facebook could calm you; playing video games might excite you. But what if you could use a device, select a mental status, and have it delivered to your mind and body? That’s what Thync wants to help you do.

Earlier this month, Thync announced a $13 million round of funding, bringing the company one step closer to a planned 2015 release of their product, a device that will be controlled through an accompanying smartphone app.

While Thync’s Chief Scientific Officer Jamie Tyler told the Daily Dot that he could not reveal aesthetic details of the product, he did confirm that it would be a device worn on the head and controlled through a smartphone app. Through the app, users choose between different states, including relaxed, meditative, calm, energetic, and focused. The device then targets specific neuropathways and provides electrical stimulation waveforms that Tyler says can alter brainwaves to help achieve different mental states.

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