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Interstellar, the new sci-fi film by Christopher Nolan, chronicles the adventures of a group of scientist explorers who use newly discovered wormholes to travel through different dimensions and cover vast distances in order to bring back food to their dying planet.

The film was made with the consultation of one of astrophysics' most acclaimed scientists, 74-year-old emeritus professor Kip Thorne, who argues that, in theory it might be possible to stabilise a wormhole or Einstein – Rosen bridges as they are also known, and use it to cross space and time, or to cross over into other universes.

"Wormholes would allow faster than light travel, or we would be able to cheat a little bit, and break the speed of the light," said physicist Dr Simon Foster.

Watch Dr Foster's video to discover what you would need to do to create such a wormhole, what it might look like and what could be on the other side.

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