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A New York company announced that it has developed the world’s first 3D printed graphene battery—and it could be available to consumers by the end of this year

Last week, New York-based additive manufacturing firm Graphene 3D Lab Inc. revealed that it has developed a 3D printed graphene battery.

A team at the Calverton, NY based company spent over five years on the project, having to design a material that can produce a battery of any size or shaping using a 3D printer. Still in prototype, the battery can already produce the same amount of power as a common AA battery.

A 3D printed graphene battery could unlock the ability for consumers to produce homemade power sources. Graphene has been heralded as a “miracle material” in recent years. It’s a thin sheet of pure carbon, one atom thick, first produced in a lab in 2003. Because of its incredible properties—200 times stronger than steel and able to conduct electricity 30 times faster than silicon—graphene is perfect for producing everything from batteries and computer chips to body armor and automobiles.

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