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Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of a plain old fanboy blogger, strapped to a fancy black cosmic chair in the foyer of the BFI Imax in Waterloo, tentatively waiting to take my first steps through an intergalactic wormhole to witness what no human being has ever seen before with the naked eye: exotic exoplanets from beyond the realms of our imagination.

The Oculus Rift experience is part of the publicity drive for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, the Oscar-tipped, mega-hyped space drama that’s out on both sides of the Atlantic early next month. Trailers for the movie, which stars Matthew McConaughey as a family man charged with saving mankind from extinction by travelling to new worlds, have hinted at an emotionally taut cosmic thriller cut through with a sense of Spielbergian wonder at the possibilities of space travel.

Strapping on the 3D glasses, I’m immediately transported to the deck of a space ship that looks a lot like the one seen in trailers for the movie. I travel forward along a corridor before a voice explains that gravity generators are going to be switched off and (with a judder of my space chair), we’re suddenly heading straight up into a corridor above my head – a neat trick.

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