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Anomalous cognition, so-called paranormal remote viewing is explained by signal nonlocality of general quantum theory, which violates the linearity and unitarity of special quantum theory (aka orthodox quantum theory).

"Following on the heels of thousands of years of human experience, decades of well-conceived and increasingly scrupulous experimentation are finally providing compelling evidence for the existence of at least some forms of psi – including remote
167 Harold Puthoff, telephone interview by author, May 13, 2010.
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viewing. The cognitive dissonance this evidence engenders within the larger scientific community mirrors in form and function that which has been created by the paradigm- changing pressures quantum physics continues to bring to bear on the modern scientific edifice. Simply put, reality is far stranger than classical physics could possibly imagine. Given the increasingly sharp lens through which modern physics views our reality, it grows increasingly likely that there will be established a theoretical framework capable of rationally explaining the existence of psi."
I have the theoretical framework.