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That's a big claim to make, but it's true. This development means that TVs will be able to show videos that handle light in the same way as real-life. In our view, it's much more important than merely having more pixels, and the good news is that it's compatible with some existing cameras!

Attached to a wall in a sterile exhibition hall in Amsterdam, we’ve just seen the future of video. That’s a big statement to make, but we genuinely believe it. It’s bigger than 4K and 8K, and very much bigger than 3D. In a way, you could argue that it’s a greater change than the one from film to video.

It’s Dolby Vision, one of the very first examples of High Dynamic Range TV.

Now, “High Dynamic Range TV” may sounds like a rather dry expression for a revolution, but stay with me. It’s a genuinely dramatic increase in the quality of moving images.

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