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With all the excitement surrounding SpaceX, and the success of PayPal and Tesla Motors, one might expect Elon Musk to take SpaceX public. So why hasn't he?

"The reason I haven't taken SpaceX public is the goals of SpaceX are very long-term, which is to establish a city on Mars," Musk said at a press briefing on September 8.

It wasn't the first time Musk has talked about sending people to Mars, but it was the first time he mentioned a Martian metropolis. While this dream seems far fetched, Musk has a history creating game-changing companies that think differently and have revolutionized industries.

Previously, he's said he thinks we'll have people visiting the Red Planet in 10 years. He's even told Steven Colbert his reasoning behind the plan. First, he said, if humans become "a multi-planet species, humanity as we know it is likely to propagate into the future much further than if we are a single-planet species."

Too bad NASA doen't have this kind of bold, and far reaching vision anymore. :-( To read more, click here.