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I have a prediction. There is a scientific hypothesis, formulated over 20 years ago, that we will one day look back on, when the evidence is in, and say “Of course that was right! What a spectacularly powerful idea!”

The hypothesis is cosmological natural selection, and its power, beauty and logic provide what may be the best scientific explanation for the existence of complexity and life in the universe.

The explanatory power of cosmological natural selection directly addresses, rather than ignores, one of the very deepest fundamental scientific mysteries. If the laws and parameters of nature’s particles and forces were even just a little bit different, the formation life would be impossible. If the ratio of electrons to protons, the expansion rate of the universe, the relative masses of elementary particles, or relative strength of several of the physical forces were not extremely close to what they are now, stars and the complex molecules that lead to life could never have developed.

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