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A new instant messaging application for the iPhone uses an advanced, "post quantum" encryption scheme to scramble one-on-one chats. It's intended as a bullet-proof secure alternative to WhatsApp's addictive message interface and to mobile carrier's primitive and (outside the U.S.) pricey SMS texting services.

The app’s encryption randomizes the message output before transmission, so each message is unique without detectable patterns that an attacker could exploit. And PQChat keeps minimal personal information about the sender: it stores a one-way encrypted value of the user’s phone number, an encrypted user-supplied nickname, and a pseudo ID image.

The free version of PQChat, from SDR Wireless Ltd., is aimed at consumers. The paid version is licensed to enterprises and offers additional features, such as QR code authentication, enterprise key management, a full audit trail of all messages, message backup and in the future secure voice and video calls.

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