Dear Kit,
With regard to the downed Malaysian Plane:
Experienced remote viewers tell me that they have learned not to come forward with answers,  
unless some comes to them asking for help. Otherwise they are treated as just another crazy psychic.
And I don't know if there remains any governmental entity with the authority to ask remote viewers for assistance.
Russell Targ
Former CIA officer Christopher Green 
On 4/12/2014 1:39 PM, Green, Christopher wrote:
I am struck by the Superstars of the late '70s SRI program…and barely into the early '80s, who were able to find lost anythings, and with near-veridical non-judge-required, and essentially 100% success.
Then it all stopped. Nothing like that sort of performance (that I have ever been briefed on, anyway) since then. But of course, the screening data on the first set of RV's was ignored, and program turned to Walk-Ins' of the second order…some good but not great nor consistent performances.
Anyone know what the 10,000 CRV-Trained Remote Viewers have been silent on the Malaysian Plane crash? Or have they? And if so, why? And if not why we haven't heard a peep from them?