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Researchers from the University of Tokyo in cooperation with the University of Kyoto and Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science are studying a new technology that would significantly improve charging times for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which could then be applied to various products including electric vehicles as well as smartphones and tablets.

Specifically, the researchers are exploring a new electrolyte that could be used in future Li-ion batteries. The substance apparently “exhibits both very high reactivity and degradation resistance,” VR-Zone writes, “both properties that could potentially boost the overall performance of current Li-ion batteries.”

The new substance would be four times more concentrated than solvents used in current Li-ion batteries, but more reactive. Such batteries would be able to charge faster and provide more electric power. The research apparently shows that charging times have been reduced to only a third of the regular time it takes to charge a battery using current electrolytes, while cell voltage has been increased from 3V to 5V.

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