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The astronomers at David Dunlop Observatory in Richmond Hill, Ontario say UFOs are real, at least in reference to Unidentified Flying Objects being seen in the skies. However, their current lectures series focuses on whether or not life exists anywhere other than on this planet. That is a question they believe still goes unanswered.

This month the David Dunlap Observatory Defenders (DDOD) has been presenting a lecture series on UFOs and extraterrestrial life from a scientific point of view. The lecturers are astronomers Dr. Ian Shelton and Dr. Tuba Koktay, a husband and wife team, who both worked at the observatory in the past. Koktay is now a researcher, and Shelton teaches astronomy at the University of Toronto.

It's nice to see this kind of open minded honesty on the part of the scientific community. To read more, click here.