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Patent issued to Bernie Haisch and Garrett Moddell (President of Society Scientific Exploration)

US 7,379,286, B2 May 27, 2008

"A recently issued patent describes a method by which vacuum energy is extracted from gas

flowing through a Casimir cavity. According to stochastic electrodynamics, the electronic

orbitals in atoms are supported by ambient ZPF. When the gas atoms are pumped into a

Casimir cavity, where long-wavelength ZPF modes are excluded, the electrons spin down

into lower orbitals, releasing energy. This energy is harvested in a local absorber. When the

electrons exit the Casimir cavity, they are re-energized to their original orbitals by the

ambient ZPF. The process is repeated to produce continuous power. This method does not

suffer from the fundamental flaws of the other approaches, and might work."
See Garrett Moddell's home page.