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 The Haisch-Moddell patent can be downloaded elsewhere on this page. So far, so good. No fatal flaw in their scheme is known to me at the present time. The center of mass motion of ultimately a designer atom is decoupled from the internal electron motion that would be the transducer of virtual quanta into real quanta in a controlled first-order quantum vacuum phase transition.

A NOTE from Lensman: One of the claims in the Haisch-Moddell patent is that a 10x10x10 cm square solid state array of these novel energy circuits (I call them "circuits," as they are depicted in the patent solid state micromachined sheets), can produce between 210 and 2100 watts of energy directly from the vacuum.  That is, in the case of the ideal embodiment described in the patent, you have a little cube of micromachined sapphire, platinum, and silicon dioxide, and it just sits there and extracts energy from the infinite vacuum.  Wow.  Big wow.

The succesful demonstration of such a device would be the most monumental development since the wheel, to put it mildly.  In addition to solving the world's energy production problems, it would also go a long way in explaining how a UFO might generate the kind of onboard power needed to perform the astounding maneuvers commonly reported.  If a substantial portion of the craft was comprised of such an energy producing material, then huge amounts of energy could be generated.

What's beautiful about this technology, is that no new and exotic materials are required.  The authors also state that other elements can be used to produce the claimed effect, besides the idealized sapphire, platinum, and silcon dioxide configuration described in the patent details. The authors are using available materials in a highly novel and useful way, to take advantage of something that no one has ever been able to do. Yet.

Dr. Moddell has a great little .pdf primer on the some of the thermodynamic background of this development on his website. To read this .pdf primer, click here.