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Through precise cosmological measurements, scientists know that about 4.6% of the energy of the Universe is made of baryonic matter (normal atoms), about 23% is made of dark matter, and the remaining 72% or so is dark energy. Scientists also know that almost all the baryonic matter in the observable Universe is matter (with a positive baryon charge) rather than antimatter (with a negative baryon charge). But exactly why this matter and energy came to be this way is still an open question. In a recent study, physicists have proposed a new mechanism that can generate both the baryon asymmetry and the dark matter density of the Universe simultaneously.

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"Conclusions.—We have presented a novel mechanism to generate dark matter and baryon densities simultaneously. Decays of a massive X1 state split baryon number between SM quarks and antibaryons in a hidden sector. These hidden antibaryons constitute the dark matter. An important signature of this mechanism is the destruction of baryons by the scattering of hidden dark matter."

If this theory is confirmed in some crucial test, then my theory that dark matter is virtual made of mostly off-mass-shell electron-positron pairs not real particles whizzing through space, is Popper falsified. -  Jack Sarfatti