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One of the hottest new ideas in physics is that gravity is an emergent phenomena; that it somehow arises from the complex interaction of simpler things.

A few month's ago, Erik Verlinde at the the University of Amsterdam put forward one such idea which has taken the world of physics by storm. Verlinde suggested that gravity is merely a manifestation of entropy in the Universe. His idea is based on the second law of thermodynamics, that entropy always increases over time. It suggests that differences in entropy between parts of the Universe generates a force that redistributes matter in a way that maximises entropy. This is the force we call gravity.

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"See the ongoing discussion on this on the stardrive blog. What is wrong with the emergent gravity idea as an entropic force from a hologram screen thermal horizon is its circular reasoning. A horizon is an effect of gravity. Therefore it cannot be its cause without back from the future self-creating retro-causality from our observer-dependent dark energy future event horizon. Indeed, the local gauge principle plus the equivalence principle is the main cause of gravity at the classical level." -- Jack Sarfatti