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A blogger reckons he may have solved the mystery over the vapor trail spotted off the southern coast of California on Monday.

On his blog "Time to Think," Liem Bahneman on Wednesday pinpointed America West Flight 808 as the likely cause -- backing up an explanation offered by a senior military official to Fox News Channel that the contrail caught on video by a news helicopter “was more likely caused by an airplane than anything else."

Bahneman wonders if he is the first to call it: "I did a lot of extrapolation of what flights could be at the right position (off the coast) at the right altitude (for contrail formation) and came down to two possibilities: UPS Flight 902 (UPS902) or America West Flight 808 (AWE808)."

I'm still not convinced it was a jet contrail. The helicopter video most definitely does NOT look like a normal jet contrail.  Just study the news video carefully.  Also, the helicopter news video was taken at a higher altitude and at much closer location to the object than the webcam video was. As I stated before, if the DoD does not admit to a missile test, then expect the MSM to do all the explaining and rapidly flush the story down the memory hole, which is exactly what appears to be happening.  So now web bloggers are being used to explain potentially serious national security incidents?  How stupid do they think we are?

However, the Citizens for Legitimate Government web site published a notice to mariners dated November 6, 2010, issued by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Ocean Service and U.S. Coast Guard. This notice does indicate possible missile launches in that general area.  So why the continuing denial on the part of the DoD?

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