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It was a bizarre, glowing red-hot streak in the sky — right at sunset Wednesday — moving briskly behind the Manhattan skyline.

CBS 2 reached out to a top astronomer who looked at the video. He said it looks beautiful, but that is was like nothing more than what’s known as a “contrail” — condensation from a commercial or military jet.

The aliens, apparently, are not coming.

More intelligence insulting MSMBS.  Whatever the object was, it appeared to be moving at tremendous speed, much faster than a commercial or even a military jet.  It is possible that it may have been a meteor or a fragment of re-entering space junk, but it most definitely was NOT a jet contrail, IMO.  And since when have astronomers and amateur web bloggers suddenly become the experts to consult in the identification of unidentified missile-like objects and jet contrails?  Don't be surprised if we'll be seeing more of these unusual missile-like aerial objects in the upcoming days.  To read the rest of the article, click here.