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Following last week's article on a UFO spotted flying over Sutton on the eve of Bonfire Night, the Observer has been inundated with sightings and possible explanations.

We reported a black triangular object, some five times the size of a commercial airliner, had been seen over the streets of Boldmere by Matt Somerton and David Allen headed in the direction of Wylde Green shortly after 6.30pm. The silent craft sported three main lights and smaller blinking lights and was seen over Jockey Road and at the back of the Spar in Boldmere Road before disappearing in the direction of Pype Hayes Park in Erdington.

A request for further sightings led to more than a dozen responses with six responses from the United States and several closer encounters in Sutton.

Josephine and Roger Bridgewater from Erdington spotted a craft over Hurstwood Road in Erdington and Josephine recalled saying 'My god that is big for an aeroplane'.

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