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Unidentified flying objects moving through the Moray skies are continuing to baffle local residents, with sightings of airborne orange lights leaving witnesses wondering what on earth they have seen

Numerous sightings of a strange orange glow over Elgin have been reported since just before Hallowe’en, with witnesses detailing a light in the distance that moves across the sky from left to right or right to left.

One man, who did not wish to be named, contacted ‘The Northern Scot’ after capturing his October 30 sighting on video on his mobile phone.

The Pinefield resident said he watched the light from his back window for five to 10 minutes, in a direction across the A96 road and above trees in the distance. He said it moved slowly from right to left, appeared to hover, and then moved quickly before disappearing.

The man said the same orange light – approximately the colour of a street light – then re-appeared on the right hand side of the sky, before following an identical path and disappearing.

The Pinefield man’s account has since been supported by others.

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