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A UFO sighting over Portland, Oregon, was described by the Michigan witnesses as "very similar to what we saw."

A Michigan couple and other family members describe themselves as being "frightened" on November 26, 2010, after watching a bright orange light with defined edges move across the sky. Perhaps more unsettling than the sighting is that it was followed by odd occurrences, for several hours.

"It moved faster than any flying object that I have ever seen, and it made absolutely no noise," the witness says. "One of my brothers was particularly unnerved by how silent the craft was, especially because it moved so fast."

Family members say that "weird things started happening after it was gone." A high wind picked up from the Canadian side of the river. "First, the wind picked up like crazy, blowing from the North East/ East toward the South West/West and it was blowing so hard that our windows were rattling in the wind. The wind actually made waves appear on the river."

They then noticed lights from a nearby Indian Reservation that they had never seen before.

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