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It took nearly twenty years, but Dan Throop Smith, son of the Harvard economist and Eisenhower Tax Advisor, and descendent of the founders of Throop Polytechnic (today's CalTech), finally exposed his good friend from the CIA over the national airwaves.

During the second half of Sunday night's Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Knapp, Smith presented his case for CIA involvement in the disclosure of a "disturbing secret" about extraterrestrial visitors and paranormal phenomena.

Ron Pandolfi, who has been associated with the CIA, the DIA, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (according to sources that include the New York Times, the Congressional Research Service, and defense contractor MITRE Corporation), was conveniently out of the country as Dan proceeded to explain why his friend was the government's exorcist.

Why would the government need an exorcist?

I suspect the truth is more subtle than Dan's hypothesis of a vast, cosmic conspiracy involving GOD, Dan's personal role in the creation, the explosion in Information Technology, and the CIA.

If you can wade through all the eschatological nuttiness, there may be a germ of truth hidden in there.  To read the rest of the article, click here.

"See the videos of me and Dan Smith linked on this website." - Jack Sarfatti

"A hit piece on Bekkum by an alleged old KGB disinformation agent of influence with my commentary here" -- Jack Sarfatti