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Researchers at EDFL, École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, have developed a new endovascular technology that could explore parts of the body never before reachable.

Specifically, Lucio Pancaldi and Selman Sakar, a Ph.D. student and assistant professor respectively, have developed a new device that utilizes"> hydrokinetic energy to get medical instruments into incredibly tiny places in the human body. 

Large portions of the brain and parts of veins and arteries are completely unreachable by doctors due to their size. The new technology leverages the flow of blood through capillaries to pull the device through the body.

Currently, doctors access patients' arteries by pushing wires through them utilizing catheters. However, these catheters can only go so small and can only bend so much, limiting access to more remote regions of the human body. 


The research, titled "Flow driven robotic navigation of microengineered endovascular probes" is published in Nature Communications.

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