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An unexplained signal has been flagged by scientists as a potential window to an alternate reality.

A lab experiment on graphene layers – tiny sheets of carbon atoms – found uncanny signs that our universe is just a half of the whole.

Multi-verses have been plot lines in some of the most popular modern media – from Rick & Morty to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences love a neighboring reality.

Signs of an alternate reality outside of fiction have been found by scientists and expanded upon in a published journal.

Physicists at the University of Maryland learned that electrical charge behaves oddly when two graphene layers are stacked – the results “looked like little universes” and new spurts of electricity were detected.

“In a sense, it’s almost suspicious that it works so well by naturally ‘predicting’ fundamental features of our universe,” one of the co-authors of the study said.

The scientists think that because the electrons can interact between two graphene layers, each just an atom-thick, they could exhibit other interactions from across space time.

The journal on the findings included theoretical physics that explain “the electron is allowed to tunnel between two different ‘universes’.”

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