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In recent years, physicists have carried out extensive studies focusing on quantum technology and quantum many-body systems. Two out-of-equilibrium dynamical processes that have attracted particular attention in this field are quantum thermalization and information scrambling.

Thermalization, or "the relaxation to equilibrium," is a process through which quantum many-body systems achieve thermal equilibrium. Information scrambling, on the other hand, entails the scattering of local information into many-body quantum entanglements, which are distributed throughout a quantum many-body system.

Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China, the Shanghai Research Center for Quantum Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have recently observed both thermalization and information scrambling in a superconducting quantum processor. Their findings, published in a paper in Physical Review Letters, could pave the way towards new studies focusing on the thermodynamics of quantum many-body systems.

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