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Gas turbines can be found everywhere, but as the world transitions to zero emissions, the features need to adapt or be left behind. Now, researchers at the University of Stavanger have announced that they have successfully developed a method for using pure hydrogen as fuel in a gas turbine, according to a press release by the institution published on May 31.

The innovation peaked in mid-May 2022 when an important milestone was reached: the team started running the turbine on 100 percent hydrogen. The ultimate goal is to produce electricity with zero harmful CO2 emissions. 

"We have set a world record in hydrogen combustion in micro gas turbines. No one has been able to produce at this level before," said Professor Mohsen Assadi, who leads the research. His team has now proven that they can use hydrogen in existing natural gas infrastructure without altering much of the initial composition of the structures. 


"The efficiency of running the gas turbine with hydrogen will be somewhat less. The big gain, though, is to be able to utilize the infrastructure that already exists. In addition, there are no CO2 emissions associated with this energy production," added Assadi.

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