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When it comes to electric vehicles, the main concern is the range anxiety related to mileage per charge and charging time.

Now a company from the U.S. seems to have a solution for charging time.

3D Silicon Lithium-ion battery designer and manufacturer Enovix announced that it had demonstrated the ability of its 0.27 Ah Electric Vehicle (EV) test cells to charge from 0-80 percent state-of-charge in just 5.2 minutes and achieved a greater than 98 percent charge capacity in under 10 minutes.

Enovix’s Co-Founder, CEO, and President, Harrold Rust, pointed out that reaching fast charge times could accelerate mass adoption of EVs and added, “[W]e’ve been able to demonstrate a level of performance that meets and exceeds many OEM roadmaps. EV manufacturers are in pursuit of batteries that support longer range, while the public and private sectors work to increase EV driver access to fast chargers. We’re proud to support these goals to help electrify the automotive industry and demonstrate our batteries are an exciting option to power long-range, fast-charging EVs.”


This achievement exceeded the United States Advanced Battery Consortium’s (USABC) goal of achieving 80 percent charge in 15 minutes.

“Our unique architecture enables a battery that not only charges in less than 10 minutes but also maintains high cycle life,” said Ashok Lahiri, Co-Founder, and CTO of Enovix. “We can improve battery performance today using the same chemistries, but more importantly, we can accelerate the industry’s roadmap.”

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